Topical Workshop on Geoscience at Henderson DUSEL  

November 18-19, 2005
Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO, USA

Henderson Underground Science and Engineering Project

We will update just prior to workshop - so please visit again!

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General Information

CSU will host a workshop aimed at developing information needed to complete the Henderson DUSEL Conceptual Design Report and NSF S3 proposal. We seek participants interested in using underground facilities to conduct in situ meso-scale experiments that bridge the gulf in both spatial and temporal scales between laboratory experiments and field tests. The Henderson site offers opportunities to (1) explore petrochemistry, pluton architecture, hydrogeology, or rock mechanics in three dimensions using large excavations in granitic rock; (2) to survey the crust below a major molybdenum porphyry system, and (3) to monitor earth properties from long-term stations free from surface noise, cosmic radiation, and weathering processes.  The workshop will be very informal, with emphasis on lively discussions and exchange of ideas.

Topics will include (but not be limited to):

  • Hydrogeology, fluid flow, water chemistry
    Convener: Bill Sanford
  • Ore geology, magmatic-hydrothermal processes, petrochemistry  
    Convener: Holly Stein
  • State of stress in the earth 
    Convener(s): TBA
  • Geophysical imaging and rock properties 
    Convener(s): TBA
  • Coupled processes 
    Convener: Brian McPherson
  • Education and outreach 
    Conveners: Andrew Warnock


The Workshop will consist of plenary talks and working group sessions. More details will be found in the preliminary agenda of the Workshop, to be updated as our planning progresses. For the time being, please contact one of the working group conveners listed above or Judy Hannah for further information.


The Topical Workshop on Physics at Henderson DUSEL will be occuring in parallel. Registration, coffee breaks, and the reception will be in common.  At the friday evening reception we will be joined by local science teachers who will have been attending a workshop to solicit their input for the design of an Education and Outreach program for Henderson DUSEL.

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